Pulling Back the Curtain on the Feminine Divine

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Transcript of The Nature of the Feminine Divine

Is the Feminine Divine a personification of Earth, a mother goddess representing fertility, or Sophia, the personification of wisdom? Is the Feminine Divine an umbrella term referring to goddesses in all traditions and cultures? Does the "Feminine Divine" and "Goddess" refer to the same thing? Is the Feminine Divine a metaphor? Does the term refer to a process? An energy? An identity? Is the Feminine Divine a female version of God?

When I refer to the Feminine Divine, I speak of the Fountainhead of all goddesses, divine and mundane. She’s a master of all the arts and the supreme heroine, Queen of the spiritual world. She is the embodiment of wisdom, intelligence, and discretion. Some of her representatives in the physical world wield the power of destruction along with her potency of generation.

In her original manifestation in the metaphysical realm, she demonstrates that the highest expression and ecstasy of our Self is spiritual love. She elegantly engages unconditional, pure love. Love's attendants: generosity, compassion, discretion, forgiveness, wisdom, empathy, inclusiveness, and justice shine in her relationships with the Divine and all others.

The Feminine Divine’s body is saturated with the bliss of pure love. Her cloth is made of devotional love. Love fuels her every word, breath, and intention. Every movement of her hand or gesture of her eyes are guided by intense, rapturous spiritual love. She is concentrated love personified. She can be pleasantly contrary—even seemingly feisty—for in acting as herself she confirms the sanctity of individuality.

She guides us to understand that unadulterated love is the language and currency of spirit and the basis of divine cosmology. Love is the energy of creation, the reason for creation.

True love animates in relationships. Love expresses itself in action and is experienced through emotions.

The ecstasy of an engaged love that is reciprocated by one and returned by another, then sent back anew with greater affections, grows unbounded in a circular exchange filling the recipient and giver deeper and wider. Love itself expands and intensifies in these exchanges. The Self's satisfaction from divine, unconditional love surpasses peace and happiness and knowledge and all kinds of material prosperity. The gems of unconditional love belong to rugged, courageous individuals who stand in their divine identity as a spiritual person.

When we understand the secret cosmic principle that love, individuality, and variety are constituents of spirit, we will take up our pursuit of the Way of the Feminine Divine into our lives with utmost joy, urgency, gratitude, and relief. We will find at long last that which will fill the angst of our soul: heartfulness.

Though immersed in ecstasy, the Feminine Divine's heart aches with a piercing longing that each one of us be enrapt by the love that has captured her. A love so powerful it commands the Divine to fall at her feet in submission, bewildered by the power of pure love, and anxious to experience a fraction of what the Feminine Divine herself relishes.

This state of Being in heartfulness that the Feminine Divine exemplifies is the state to which we can strive. it is the state of our original state of Being as supreme lovers. Human evolution is meant for us to become connoisseurs of unconditional love: offering it and receiving it.

Each of us, individual units of consciousness, is generated from love, is called to love, and our greatest longing is to be loved unconditionally. Divine, devotional love is the nectar of bliss as well as the essential nutrient for sustaining our Self.

Over the past thirty years, we have mastered our minds and thoughts and lifted our lives with mindfulness. We have evolved. Yet we still feel dissatisfaction: something is missing. We're missing deep heartfulness, learned through the principles, causes, and sustaining factors of pure, unconditional love and the Way of the Feminine Divine. But that's for our next installment. Tune in.

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See you soon. Until then, to the Feminine Divine in men and women around the world,




0 # Richard 2012-07-19 19:02
Dear Pranada ~ This is the most clear, concise and uplifting exposition on bhakti I have EVER heard. Your words really bring bhakti into the 21st century, giving focus where it belongs ~ on the Feminine Divine ~ and diminishing the preponderance of relative and presently irrelevant cultural trappings that segregate and separate. I wish you all success in this most worthy endeavor. Thank you so much for doing this work!
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