About Pranada

Pranada Comtois is a devoted pilgrim and award-winning author of Wise-Love: Bhakti and the Search for the Soul of Consciousness.

Her writing sheds light on Bhakti’s ancient wisdom school, known as the heart and soul of yoga.

At sixteen she met her teacher A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and began her lifelong study and practice of bhakti. The wisdom of her teaching grows from living for twenty years as a contemplative in bhakti ashrams, and another twenty years raising a family and running two multi-million-dollar businesses.

She is a featured speaker in the film Women of Bhakti.

Her first book Wise-Love: Bhakti and the Search for the Soul of Consciousness won numerous awards including the Montaigne Medal given for “the most thought-provoking books that illuminate, progress, or redirect thought.”

Her second book, Bhakti-Shakti: Goddess of Divine Love, won two awards. The third book in The Bhakti Series, Prema Kirtan: Journey into Sacred Sound, will be released soon.

“Joy comes from an awakened heart, not from a controlled or stilled mind.”


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