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Ornamented with pearls of wisdom, Bhakti Shakti serves as a guiding light to claim your spiritual identity, experience the joyous state of your pure spiritual self, and progress toward deeper intimacy with the Divine.

About the Book

The wisdom goddesses of yoga who embody Shakti, or sacred energy, continue to gain popularity as we become familiar with the ways they help us break through negativity, trauma, and dysfunction to attain self-love, peace, and abundance.

Yet we rarely hear about Sri Radha and her unique position as the primal Shakti because she is hidden deep within the Upanishads, Tantras, and Puranas as their most confi­dential spiritual subject.

Here, for the first time, Sri Radha is revealed. The goddess of divine love not only grants emotional, mental, and physical well-being, but she bestows the spiritual awakening of divine love, our greatest necessity.

Award-winning author and Bhakti pilgrim Pranada Comtois introduces us to charming goddess Radha and through reason and references to the ancient wisdom texts we’re shown that

  • love is the essence of all knowledge
  • love is the impera­tive need of the timeless self
  • only pure love will satisfy us

When we learn the process of trans­forming ordinary love into divine love, our search for peace and happiness is realized, we become free, whole, peaceful, and the highest version of ourselves.

  • How can we love fully?
  • What is the difference between ordinary love and divine love?
  • How do we locate where we can safely place all our love and receive full reciprocation?

Bhakti Shakti helps you explore your own nature as well as your relationship with the primary Shaktis who are embodied as the goddesses Sri Radha and Durga Maa.

Understanding the Shakti triad of yourself and these spiritual and material energies removes the veil of illusion. Then you’re able to identify the mysterious at play in your life. You can see yourself, emotions, thoughts, the nature of the world, and your Source with a liberating clarity that reveals your true purpose and brings you inner peace and fulfillment.

In the noble pursuit of claiming our true identity through an expansion of consciousness, Sri Radha provides a framework for personal evolution and a methodology that will give you a first-hand experience of your true self and these esoteric, but common sense, spiritual truths.

In this practical guide, through clear instruction, authentic Bhakti Vedanta teachings, and meditation and mantra practices, you’ll discover how you can invoke goddess Radha’s divine feminine presence in your life and experience the unbounded joy of the self and your true nature free from limitations.


You Will Learn

  • about the world’s oldest goddess traditions
  • about the two primary wisdom goddesses of yoga, their energies of spiritual growth and enlightenment, and their paths of personal transformation
  • how and why these goddesses are relevant to us today
  • about your relationship with the goddess of the material world and the goddess of the spiritual world
  • how to choose the goddess who is most able to help you
  • how to differentiate between your false material identity and your true spiritual identity
  • how Radha casts a light on your innate loving self, and beckons you to a spiritual awakening of your true identity
  • the step-by-step method to claim your spiritual identity
  • about Radha’s path of transformation through the sure path of mantra meditation
  • how mantra meditation is more powerful than incantations, spells, rituals, positive affirmation, or setting intentions
  • that the full – and charming – power of Reality is divine love
  • that, as love personified, Sri Radha stands supreme above all forms of divinity
  • the brilliant metaphysical conclusion that pure love subjugates all including the Supreme
  • the Supreme Reality is not a he or a she, but they: the feminine and masculine divinities at the zenith of Reality who engage in the dance of divine love
  • the feminine has conquered the supreme masculine by love, which puts her in the most exalted position at the central topmost pinnacle of a loving reality

"Divine Treasure" the official song of Bhakti Shakti

by Nadiya Mani & Amala Harinama

Acclaim and Accolades for Bhakti Shakti

Simon Haas

Bhakti Shakti carries us from a contemporary understanding of the feminine divine into a captivating exploration of “the personification of energy” that is both rigorous, beautifully intuitive, and rooted in the rich veins of some of the world’s oldest sacred texts.

Without hesitation, Pranada draws us into very real landscapes where the charming adoration of goddess Sri Radha occupies every aspect of daily life, and we’re encouraged to nurture our own unique, intimate relationship with the Feminine Divine, the original Shakti, Sri Radha.

In this poetic and clear elucidation of an otherwise complex philosophical system, Pranada offers answers to feminist discourse by directing the question of identity to a sense of personhood beyond the body and to the eternal, extraordinary function of the soul, that is, pure love, prema. Pranada’s sensitive, well-researched, and elegantly composed Bhakti Shakti is a must-read for every soul.

Hari-kirtana Das

Both philosophical and practical, Bhakti Shakti is a sophisticated revelation of the mysteries and historical primacy of the Goddess in the devotional yoga tradition that illuminates the role of feminist spirituality in modern contemplative practice and allows us to experience a substantive relationship with the feminine personification of divine love. Bhakti Shakti is a welcome addition that fills a conspicuous gap in the popular canon of yoga philosophy.

Dara Goldberg

Beautiful and powerful. The great wisdom and power of Bhakti Shakti is evident from the energy Pranada Comtois holds in this sacred space. Staying present with these words feels like being contained in a divinely-guided vehicle for the most positive transformation. And activating the skill set taught here feels like divine love

Krishna Rose

A crucial read for those wishing to understand the Divine Feminine, who returns, as the voice which has whispered to us through the ages. The Goddess is revealed so that all may enter her mysteries. Bhakti Shakti is an entrance point into the eternal kingdom, for those who wish to find peace and freedom from suffering

Rabbi Rami Shapiro

The future of humanity, if it is to be one of hope rather than horror, depends on the realization of the Divine Mother in, with, and as all life. Pranada Comtois’ Bhakti Shakti: Goddess of Divine Love is an essential ingredient in this realization. What we need now – perhaps more than ever before – is the searing love of the Goddess burning away the madness and delusion that defines our current state. Pranada Comtois helps ignite that love. Read this book and let it burn within you.


A pure quality of love pours from the heart of the author in this remarkable book. Pure love is an intoxicant and can’t fail to inebriate the minds and hearts of all those who read Bhakti Shakti. Radha as the embodiment of the bhakti-shakti (ahladini-shakti) is brought out beautifully in this book. All bhaktas will benefit deeply from this.

Edwin Bryant

All the wondrous forms of the Goddess in the Hindu traditions exhibit different expressions and flavors of feminine power, but it is Radha who is the ultimate personification of the most powerful force of all – love. It is with sweetness and love alone that Radha captures and controls Krishna, Lord of the Universe, as well as the hearts of the devotees.

Pranada combines her personal life-long insights into the nature of devotion with her natural gifts at writing to offer us a wonderful window into the highest possible expression of love of God attainable by the human soul.

Radha’s pure loving sweetness offers an opportunity to revision social paradigms and behaviors away from aggression-projecting models of patriarchal thinking, which deaden the spirit and disrupt our social consciousness, and reveal a vision of transcendent love that lies at the very heart of what all embodied beings seek.

Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa)

Sri Radha is the pinnacle of spirituality, the feminine moiety of the Absolute Godhead, worshiped only by those who have climbed to the very top of the yoga ladder. Pranada Comtois allows her readers entrance into an otherwise esoteric realm of their everyday journey. “Worshiping Radha and what she represents,” writes Pranada, “is the antidote to chauvinism, misogyny, sexism, racism, and the equally discriminatory reactions to those attitudes by the disadvantaged and disenfranchised, which only serve to feed the problem.” Thus, in Bhakti Shakti we become privy to Radha in all her completeness, leading to our betterment both materially and spiritually. This is not a book to be missed.

Ananda Karunesh

The energy of divine love is the most powerful way the primordial Goddess awakens in our lives. Written simply and beautifully, Bhakti Shakti offers a philosophical foundation for our heart’s devotion to the divine feminine.

Philip Goldberg

More and more of India’s ancient wisdom is being revealed to the West. Now, awareness of the bhakti tradition, and of the Divine Feminine in particular, is rising to complement nondual Vedanta. Bhakti Shakti takes this important trend to another level. With insight and grace, Pranada Comtois brings divine love and divine knowledge together for the benefit of all who seek a transformation of consciousness.


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