The winner will receive a free audio book and signed copy of the printed book. The winner will be announced at the Launch Party on 12 November. Join us for the launch. Visit the FaceBook announcement for details here.

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Uncover answers to: The nature, characteristics, need, and highest expression of your true, immortal self. 

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This is the study guide to accompany Wise-Love: Bhakti and the Search for the Soul of Consciousness.

Exploring Bhakti Articles
Here’s a collection of short articles introducing Bhakti and answering the most common questions for those unfamiliar with Bhakti.

Bhakti Book Reviews
Find your next Bhakti read and continue into the heart of Bhakti to uplift yourself and expand your consciousness.

Download the PDF of When Illness Takes Hold

The book has three essays exploring the authors’ personal experiences and the spiritual solutions they found; a question and answer section; and a collection of quotes from our acaryas that are meditations for coping with illness.


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